Coming up to the centenary anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, the so-called Great War, Beeping Bush have worked with Folkestone cultural heritage organisation, Step Short, to produce an interactive 3-D film resource to reach and educate all ages about the First World War.


With funding support from Screen South Digital Inventions Programme, digital-media arts filmmakers, Beeping Bush have transformed the standard approach of documentary filmmaking - to deliver a seminal 3D interactive film model of heritage information distribution, centred around the role of Folkestone, Kent, during WW1.
left: Anaglyph (red/cyan) of a Parade through Folkestone Town Centre. One of the many 2D archive photos transformed into stereographic 3D for the documentary.
Attracting new audiences through both a lean back passive approach and a fully explorative interaction, this ground-breaking stereographic 3D heritage documentary presents archive material in an immersive and informed way. It enhances and compliments the work of Step Short to showcase Folkestone's WWI heritage and culture, linking the past with the present and vice versa.

During the dark days of the Great War, millions of men boarded ships that would take them to the trenches of France and Belgium and an uncertain future. Those ships left from Folkestone on the short
journey to Boulogne and the horror of war in the trenches. Not all the passengers were soldiers, but most were fighting men – and estimates suggest that while ten million left for the Western Front, two million fewer return journeys were made. For many, the sights and sounds of Folkestone harbour would be the last they saw of home.

We hope that this project will influence the way future true stories are told, bringing documentary filmmaking into a really exciting new format.

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